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Wild Mountain has reimagined our race leagues for the 2023/24 winter. Our new race league formats have been built to add new energy to our weekly races while still promoting friendly competition amongst our competitors.

Race courses are built on a Giant Slalom format, but will likely see some variation week-to-week. Additionally, the old Chair 3 has been removed so our typical race courses on the North and South Wild trails are now free of obstructions - giving us more flexibility in course placement.

Results will be available after each race. Plus, we'll host an end of season banquet for all the leagues to present awards, door prizes and celebrate a great season.

Additionally, all races can join our end-of-season competition at SnowRiver in which Wild Mountain will go head-to-head against racers from Afton Alps, Welch Village, Granite Peak, Trollhaugen and Tyrol Basin!

Our race leagues compete in teams of 6 or 10. But, you don't need to be part of a team to enjoy ski racing! We will take single guests and pair them with other individuals to form teams.

What about experience? How do less experienced racers compete against old pros? We use Nastar racing data and handicapping to make racing fair between all competitors.


Wednesday Evening Race League Details

Wednesday Race Leagues have been a rowdy-good time for decades at Wild Mountain. Our races courses have quite a bit of variance week-to-week. Racers can expect to see Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G courses throughout the season.

This league races in the evening with each team receiving a complimentary pitcher of beer each week! After a night well-spent and a pitcher of beer, many racers opt to kick back with friends and race buddies in the bar deeper into the night.

Team Size: 6 (Of course, we'll take singles and get them paired with a team as well.)


Friday Afternoon Race League Details

This race league hits the slopes in the midday sun before the busy weekend. Races in this league can expect to see Giant Slalom courses with a few days of variation to Super G courses. 

Team Size: 10 (No team? No problem -  we'll take singles and get you paired with a team.)


Sunday Race Leagues Details

Our Sunday Race Leagues offer three different times to hit the slopes - morning, afternoon and evening. Sunday race leagues should expect Giant Slalom courses but will likely see a few days of a Super G course.

Team Size: 10 (No team? No problem -  we'll take singles and get you paired with a team.)


Spring Championship

The Spring Championship will be held at SnowRiver in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Details are yet to be released.


End of Season Banquet

This will be at Wild Mountain. Details are too be determined.


Sunday AM Jan. 7 - Feb. 18, 2024 11am $109 BUY NOW 
Sunday Midday  Jan. 7 - Feb. 18, 2024 1:30pm  $109 BUY NOW 
Sunday PM  Jan. 7 - Feb. 18, 2024 4:30pm   $109 BUY NOW 
Wednesday   Jan. 10 - Feb. 21, 2024  6:30pm  $109 BUY NOW 
Friday  Jan 12 - Feb. 23, 2024  1:30pm  $109 BUY NOW 


Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 651-465-1103

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