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The Wild Mountain D-Teams are weekly programs that offer a fun introduction to the world of skiing and snowboarding competition for alpine skiing, freestyle snowboarding and freestyle skiing. The “D” stands for “Development,” as our talented coaching staff focuses on more than just scores and times.

Our coaches put an emphasis on rounding out the student’s skill sets as all-mountain skiers and snowboarders while helping apply these skills to their speed and control on the racecourse and competition stage. The D-Team is for skiers age 6-18 and snowboarders 8-18. The D-Team program is designed as an introduction to the more technical aspects of skiing and snowboarding and is not a program for first-timers. Please see the Wild Cat Club for information on our weekly children’s learn-to-ski program.

Our coaches are very goal-oriented, and place a lot of emphasis on the following areas of athlete development:

  • The fundamental and technical aspects of skiing and snowboarding to provide a solid platform as the elements of racing or park riding are introduced and refined.

  •  Safety awareness and slope-side courtesy.

  •  Physical and mental preparation, discipline and conditioning.

  •  Good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for teammates and competitors.

  •  Teamwork, friendship, self-confidence, and FUN!

Come and be a part of the Wild Mountain Team this season! Alpine Ski programs are offered on Saturday and Sunday, Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing are offered on Sundays. Click on one of the following links for more information and to register for each program:

For skiers and snowboards looking to grow their skill set prior to joining the D-Team, consider the Wild Cat Club (for skiers ages 5-12 and snowboarders 7-12).

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