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Daily Notes 


Wild Mountain is now open daily for the 23/24 season.

We have Chair 1, Chair 2 and the Front Stage and Dandy Ropes running.  Additionally, Chair 4 with Easy Rider and Broadway will open on Wednesday.  a

We will be open daily for the remainder of the season from 10am to 9pm.

All services are open including rentals, lessons and food and beverage. Lessons require a reservation 48 hours prior to arrival.

Tickets are now full price.

Keep in mind that we will be making snow when temperatures allow. And, we still have early season coverage so expect some bare spots, rocks and other impediments (both natural and manmade).


Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, photos & information. 

Base Depth Range 10-12"  
Snowmaking Last 24 Hours Yes  
Depth of Natural Snow Last 24 Hours  
Depth of Natural Snow Last 7 Days 1  
Depth of Natural Snow All Season 4  
Total Trails Open 10  
Total Lifts Open 5  
Surface Conditions MACHINE MADE, GROOMED  

Trail Status

Chair 1 OPEN  
Chair 2 OPEN  
Chair 3 CLOSED  
Chair 4 OPEN  
Beginner Hill Rope Tow OPEN  
Front Stage Rope Tow OPEN  
Back Stage Rope Tow CLOSED  
Main Stage Rope Tow  CLOSED  
Conveyor CLOSED  
The Ridge OPEN
Dandy OPEN
Sunshine Cut-off OPEN
Upper Easy Rider OPEN
Lower Easy Rider OPEN
Northern Route CLOSED
More DifficultStatusNotes
Expressway OPEN
Broadway OPEN
Lower Sunshine OPEN
Upper Sunshine OPEN
Moonshine CLOSED
Chicken Ridge CLOSED
Most DifficultStatusNotes
Challenger CLOSED
Competition CLOSED
Ego Alley CLOSED
South Wild CLOSED
North Wild CLOSED
You Asked For It CLOSED
Expert OnlyStatusNotes
Terrain ParksStatusNotes
The Main Stage
The Back Stage CLOSED
Front Stage OPEN 8 features
Quarter Rabbit CLOSED


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