That's It. That's All.

Thanks to every guest who visited us during a winter like no other.

We opened way back on October 19 and we wrapped up the season on March 28.  It was a heckuva long season and we were glad you shared it with us!

Thank you.  Thank you!!!!


 Complete details on tubing tickets and hours here.


Ski Area Hours of Operation:
7-Days-Per-Week \\ 10am-9pm
All chairlifts and ropes open at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays.
Monday to Friday our chairlifts and ropes open on a staggered pattern:
10am: Chair 2, Front Stage Rope, Conveyor
11:30am: Chair 1
12:30pm: Chair 4, Back Stage Rope, Main Stage Rope
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Tubing Hours Of Operation:  Click Here

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